• Extra security with a 5-point harness
  • Choose from 16 tunes - 8 soothing or 8 playful
  • Can fold flat for easy storage and portability
  • 25 Minutes of non-repeating continuous music
0+ months
  • Cognition
  • EQ
  • Senses

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3 in 1 Close to Me Bouncer - Magical Forest

Always at eye level - a revolutionary height-adjustable baby bouncer
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0-3 Months
Let baby be part of the goings on from day one! Enjoy baby's company at eye level, no matter where you're sitting. Learn more about the importance of eye gaze and eye contact in our informative expert article Eye Contact in Babies.
3-6 Months
As baby grows, she will be free to take part in the family activities even before learning how to sit up. Let baby enjoy eye level quality time with mom, dad and the rest of the family, sharing your family moments with the youngest member.
6+ Months
When it's time to introduce baby to solids, let her join in on the family meals and taste her first pureed foods while the other family members eat. Seeing loved ones enjoy their meals is a wonderful encouragement for baby as she takes her first steps in the world of solids!
High Seat Mode
Raise the Close to Me Bouncer seat to enjoy some face to face time with baby, letting her sit by the family table to enjoy her meals (bottles and later first solids) with the rest of the family.
Soothing Mode
Recline the back of the bouncer to let baby relax in a more soothing position, listening to playful and relaxing tunes (25 mins of music).
Bouncer Mode
Let baby enjoy the vibrations and play with the Close to Me Bouncer's cute arch toys while in the familiar bouncer mode. Being at sofa height in this mode, this is an excellent position to let baby enjoy some quality family time in the living room.
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