• Beautiful design features Cody whale projector and a fun sea lights show that depicts animals swimming in and out of sight, encouraging the development of baby's cognition.
  • 30 minutes of sweet-sounding lullabies or white noise.
  • Remarkably engaging and easy to attach using the universal clip.
0+ months
  • Cognition
  • EQ
  • Senses

Cody Take-Along Projector Soother

Engaging, portable cute blue whale projector soother that envelopes baby with calming sights and sounds
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1-3 months
Clip or place anywhere around the house to surround your baby with a peaceful, relaxing and familiar environment.
3-6 months
Include Cody in your bedtime routine and let the engaging combination of motion and music help detach baby from surrounding distractions and prepare her for sleep.
6+ months
The animal characters in the light show “swim” between the waves, appearing and disappearing, creating an interesting story for your growing baby. Place the projector soother on a baby mat or next to mommy’s and daddy’s bed and tell baby about the animals appearing on the ceiling to enjoy some rewarding baby-parent time.
Use universal attachment clip to attach to baby's crib or play yard.
Detach from universal attachment clip to position on a flat surface.
Use the 360 degree rotation to point the projector in the required direction.

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