Jitter frog
Musical sun
Leaf teether
Turtle rattle
Satin ribbons
  • Tap & play sun with 3 different tunes
  • Mirror for extended tummy-time
  • Hanging toys can be moved and rearranged by hooking them to the arches' rings
0-12 months
  • Gross Motor Skills

Gymini® Sunny Day

A playmat that inspires development with sights, sounds and touch
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1-3 months
The Gymini® Sunny Day's Arches Effect is soothing for tiny babies. The crossed arches provide a closed and calming space. At around 3 months, baby will begin striking the musical sun and enjoy the entertaining sounds it makes.
3-6 months
As baby lies on her tummy, she looks into the mirror and at the drawings on the mat, strengthening her shoulder muscles, thereby encouraging the development of gross motor skills.
Musical sun with 3 playful tunes

Mirror for extended tummy-time

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