• Sliding rings enable flexible toy positioning, expanding playtime options
  • Baby-activated electronic crab toy adds a whole new dimension of fun
  • Colorful engaging design that appeals to babies
0-12 months
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Senses

Gymini® Under the Sea

A delightful activity gym with self activated musical toy
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1-3 months
Move the toys within baby's reach and allow him to explore their smiling expressions and take his first batting attempts.
3-6 months
Use the mat's fun features to engage baby and help extend tummy time, playing with the electronic crab or crinkly jellyfish.
6-9 months
Let baby enjoy the stimulating features of the baby-activated electronic crab toy and learn about cause and effect through exploration.
Enjoy as an overhead baby gym.
Stimulating features help extend tummy-time.
Changes and grows with your baby.
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