Calming vibrations
Lights & music toy
Soft & washable padded mat
Extra rings for hanging toys
Leaf teether
Hippo rattle
2 reclining positions
  • Exclusive adjustable arches for multiple positions.
  • Hanging toys can be easily moved along the arches.
  • Open arch position for easy parental access.
  • Baby-activated lights and music stand-alone crab toy.
0-12 months
  • EQ

Gymini® Bouncer

Colorful multi-stage bouncer with adjustable activity arches and adorable toys
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0-1 months
During the first weeks of her life, baby has limited eyesight. Keep the toys close to baby, so that she can observe their shapes and color contrasts. To create a comfortable, cozy environment, set the seat to the most reclined position and close the arches.
3-6 months
Baby can now enjoy the bouncer in full. Encourage him to reach out and pull the star dangling from the crab and enjoy the musical tunes.
Endless play options with adjustable activity arches

Easy access to baby
2 reclining positions
Adorable baby-activated lights & music toy
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