• Extraordinarily versatile baby activity mat with modular arches that create 3 modes of use that encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills from birth to toddlerhood.
  • Mode 1: Lying and Tummy-Time
  • Mode 2: Sitting Up
  • Mode 3: Standing Up
0+ months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills

Gymini® 1-2-3 Here I Grow!™

A 3-in-1 interactive versatile Gymini that grows with your baby
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0-6 months
Let baby enjoy the product's soft lights & music feature or play with the bird wind-chime and rattling balls for fun and amusement. Place baby on the soft tummy-time pillow in front of the mirror to encourage tummy-time and strengthen neck and shoulder muscles.
5+ months
Once baby is sitting up, move the product into the activity center mode (mode 2) and let baby enjoy the unique ball & music game and explore the products other features while learning about cause and effect.
12+ months
When baby is standing, raise the product to its full height and let your grown baby explore and learn through play, developing her understanding of cause and effect with the help of the Gymini's ball-drop game.
Mode 1 - Lying and Tummy Time
Engaging soft lights & music feature and fun toys help extend tummy-time, encourage the development of gross motor skills and engage baby while on the mat.
Mode 2 - Sitting Up
Activity gym folds to offer enchanting ball game with musical feedback that encourages fine motor skills and strengthens the sitting position.
Mode 3 - Standing Up
Fun sliding spiral ball game lets a standing toddler enjoy playing in a more sophisticated way while learning about cause and effect.

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