Tap head for bouncing action
Crinkly arms
Lightweight textured balls
  • This lightweight, happy figure bounces when tapped on its head
  • Helps develop gross motor skills by encouraging baby to crawl after it
  • Colorful, appealing design and an all-smiles expresssion
0-12 months
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills


Colorful bouncing pal that encourages crawling
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3-6 months
Baby can hold Jumpy in one hand or with both hands and bring it to his mouth to explore the textured balls or rub the rattling hands with the little bumps.

6+ months
Baby can move it from one hand to another, shake it and watch how it moves. Baby can also put Jumpy on the floor and strike the head to see how the force causes it to move and bounce.
Bouncing action: encourage baby to tap Jumpy's head to enjoy the toy's movement.
Stabilized: simply enjoy the toy's colorful features and appealing textures.

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