Image projection on canopy
Music box with ceiling projection
Starry night lamp for toddlers
30 min of continuous music
9 different tunes in 3 musical categories
Volume adjustment and mute buttons
  • 0-5 months: Musical mobile with overhead canopy projection
  • 5-18 months: Crib music box with ceiling projection
  • 18+ months: Charming starry musical night-lamp
  • Musical variety: 3 different musical categories with 9 relaxing tunes
  • 30 minutes of continuous music
0-18+ months
  • EQ
  • Imagination & Creativity

Magical Night

Adorable 3 in 1 mobile projector and starry night light will comfort baby’s bedtime from birth to toddler
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1-4 months
Baby’s vision is still quite limited, so he will enjoy viewing the mobile projection on the overhead canopy.
4+ months
Now that baby’s sight is fully developed, she can enjoy watching the ceiling projection, following the animals’ movements and seeing them appear and disappear.
18+ months
The mobile continues with baby into toddlerhood as a starry night-light and music box. Let your grown baby choose the music he wants to hear when he wakes up in the morning and goes to sleep at night.
0-5 months
Let your young baby enjoy Magical Night’s full mobile experience with or without the delightful canopy projection.
5-12 months
Convert to music box with fun ceiling projection after baby turns 5 months old.
12-24 months
Let your toddler enjoy the product as a soothing magical starry night-lamp that plays soothing tunes.
Did you know?
Each baby responds differently to stimulation. Magical Night was designed to allow you to moderate and adapt the stimuli to your baby’s unique preferences and responses, thereby increasing sensory regulation. You can choose the kind of music, choose how loud it will be and decide whether to set the dangling toys in motions with or without the canopy projection.
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