Easy-to-use clip
Colorful patterns
Bell-shaped wind chime
Ball-shaped rattle
Black & white star mirror
Sliding rings
  • Stimulates baby's senses and curiosity
  • Bell-shaped wind chime makes pleasant sounds in response to touch
  • Basic patterns & colors attract baby's attention
  • Easily folds away to be carried anywhere
0-12 months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Imagination & Creativity

Pack & Go Mini Mobile

Charming clip toy for on-the-go fun and engagement
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0+ months
Babies of all ages will enjoy the familiarity of their beloved toy while on-the-go.
1-3 months
Lightly swing the mobile - the movement and the colorful objects will encourage baby to look at the mobile and, gradually, try to bat the toys.
3+ months
Baby can practice his batting technique while enjoying the colorful features of this charming and compact mobile.
Easily fold the mobile and pack it in your bag.
Connect the Pack & Go Mini Mobile to car seats and strollers or to pack & plays, travel cots and bassinets for indoor and outdoor fun and engagement.

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