Leaves turn 360°
Adorable island pals
20 minutes of continuous music with 4 melodic tunes (2 classical, 2 nature)
Night light and remote control
  • Soothing music and intriguing movement
  • 20 minutes of continuous classical music and nature sounds
  • Converts to a crib-side music box and night light
  • 2 volume levels and mute button
  • Remote control
  • Patented product
0-12 months
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Language & Communication
  • Senses

Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Tranquil music and magical movement make for a soothing yet stimulating experience
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1-3 months
Baby looks up and enjoys watching the objects moving above her and following them with her eyes, thereby developing sight and strengthening her eye muscles.
5+ months
When baby grows, you can remove the arm of the mobile and baby can play with the music box independently.
Innovative movements performed by rotating animal figures.

Converts to a crib-side music box and night light.
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