30 minutes of music and 5 different tunes
Colorful, soft dangling animals
Universal attachment fits most pack & plays, infant carriers, strollers and bassinets
  • Fits pack & plays, travel cots, infant carriers, strollers and bassinets
  • 30 minutes of continuous music and 5 different tunes
  • Designated connector for each baby gear product
  • Adorable toys that give baby a familiar feel while on-the-go
0-6 months
  • Cognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses

Take-Along Mobile™

A colorful and engaging mobile that goes everywhere with baby
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0-3 months
From a very young age, babies will appreciate the sense of security and continuity invoked by taking this mobile along everywhere they go.
3-5 months
Call out the figurines by name to start building baby’s vocabulary: “Where is the lion? Here! Where is the hippo? There!”
Attach the Take-Along Mobile to your infant carrier.
Attach it to your baby's pack & play when travelling.
Hang it on your little one's stroller for some fun and engagement on-the-go.
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